We tend to embark on every journey with high hopes and expectations.
The reason for each particular journey has already been decided — we generally believe that we are going somewhere to do our ‘thing‘:  maybe to learn, sunbathe, assist, invent, experience all things, heal, create, destroy, escape, change, work, teach, or just Be.


We choose either to travel solo, or to enlist old friends and acquaintances before setting off.  Sometimes we choose to visit new destinations, meet new friends — sometimes we like to revisit favoured destinations, and always, afterwards, we are heading home.

There are times when we may not know where home is. We may feel we do not have a physical home, so we keep moving, shifting.

It is our own personal choice, this journey of life, as is every journey of each life.

Often we travel just for the sake of traveling, going somewhere, anywhere — the excitement … the unexpected — the joy of discovering new things.  Knowledge, experience. Life. Feeling. Being.

Occasionally it becomes all too much — our expectations aren’t met.  Then we need to consider a new destination, sit quietly and take stock. Maybe find a helpful tool to bring us through.

And here we all are now.  Traveling, experiencing — Being.

Just like every other journey it is likely to be all things (rather like holidays really).  Good times, bad times, amazing times, confusing times, frightening times, joyous times.

Being is the life journey .  Enjoy! 🙂
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